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The Effects of Stress on The Aging Process

It's not exactly clear whether or not chronic stress can cause wrinkles and grey hair but it certainly does seem to be the case.  When you look at photos of presidents as they start their presidency versus the end of the term, the differences are amazing (and not in a good way).  In just four years President Obama looks like he's aged at least 8 years.  George W. Bush looked as if his 8 years in office aged him 16.

So what do you do if you have a high stress job, or just a stressful life for some reason?  Are you doomed to looking old and wrinkly because of your stress?  Not if you know a good doctor who knows how to wield weapons of anti aging like dermal fillers or even Botox Cosmetic.

Dermal Fillers and The Fight Against Aging

Juvederm is a dermal filler used the most and your doctor can use it to fill in those laugh lines, wrinkles and even those marionette lines around the mouth.  Juvederm can erase the visible signs of stress and aging by simply filling in those little tell tale signs.  Even if you don't have a stressful job (or life for that matter) you will undoubtedly still show the normal wear and tear on your face as you age.

Age Gracefully or Fight it With Your Doctor?

That's the question.  You've seen it done well either way, right?  You've seen some people who wear wrinkles and aging well.  Think Clint Eastwood, he looks rugged and still good with these visible signs of aging.  You've also seen the people fighting it too much as well.  Think Bruce Jenner or any of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they look strange and it's obvious they've simply had too much Botox.

Find your balance with it...  find a good doctor who won't let you overdo it.  Keep some of the fine lines and smooth out only those that detract from your overall appearance.