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Services For Dermatology San Diego Residents Can Use For Acne Scar Removal

The path to a clear and blemish-free complexion has eluded many individuals throughout their lives.  Whether battling acne or acne scars, these people have suffered from both the physical aspects of these skin conditions and the emotional pain and discomfort that they cause.  The good news is that the services for dermatology San Diego residents can use, provide a vast array of options in acne scar treatment which are designed to help people look better and to feel better about themselves.

Learning Which Acne Scar Removal Technique Is Right For You

Different acne scar removal options can help people to enjoy smooth and blemish-free skin.  While acne is in and of itself a very difficult cosmetic issue to deal with, the deep pits and obvious scarring that acne can create, will often lead to social discomfort and embarrassment as well.  By selecting the right acne scar removal technique for your cosmetic needs, you can begin experiencing confidence and self-assurance again.  A consult with a medical professional who specializes in dermatology San Diego, will help to define the nature of your skin care needs.

Eliminating Acne First

One of the first and most crucial steps in dealing with acne scarring is dealing with the acne that you presently have.  While blackheads, if left alone, will generally not cause scarring in the traditional sense, they will leave unsightly tiny black holes wherever they exist and thus, they should be removed by either skin care professional or a professional blackhead removal system.
The professional removal of blackheads ensures that no scarring is created during the process of forcibly removing them.  With the right techniques, these can be gently lifted out of the skin without causing damage to the surrounding tissue and skin.  For moderate blackheads that are present in the T-zone, pore cleansing strips can be used to free the blackheads from the pores at home, however, more invasive and professionally performed techniques may be required for stubborn areas.  White heads and boils should also be addressed as well, as these can both lead to future scarring.  In some instances the services for dermatology San Diego residents can use will even recommend the use of antibiotics to resolve existing infections.

Moderate Acne Scars

Called macules, the red-brown scars that a healed pimple can leave behind are often relatively easy to get rid of.   In fact, these are just clusters of dead skin cells that have bonded together.  With time, these will lift directly off of the face when washing with an exfoliating cleanser or facial cleaning instrument.  They will then reveal new and healthy skin beneath.  These tend to be the most moderate and the most common form of acne scarring.  A dermatologist will usually recommend the best at-home skin care regimen and products to remove macules or may suggest professional treatments for lifting these away.

Deep Scars And Pitting

Deeper scars are often successfully treated with professional dermabrasion processes.  In these, the upper layers of skin are abraded away to be replaced by healthy and new skin.  This process is certainly more invasive in comparison to pore cleansing strips and exfoliating techniques that can be performed at home, however, it is definitely less invasive than many other cosmetic facial treatments.  It is also very effective in addressing scars that have a greater depth than macules and helps to create a smooth and ever surface when used on ideal dermabrasion candidates.
Pitted acne scares are those that have a greater range of depth.  These are generally much more difficult to treat as they affect more of the different skin layers and impact the skin texture as much as they do the uniform coloration of the face.   Dermabrasion is one popular option for making skin improvements when pitted acne scars are present.  There are also surgical punch techniques that can be employed by the Services for dermatology San Diego residents can use with greater levels of efficacy.  These generally entail the surgical removal of scar tissue and the suturing of the site as well as the insertion of replacement tissue.  Speaking with a reputable skin care professional or dermatologist in the San Diego area will help you to learn more about the different options that are available to those with your level of acne scarring.

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