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How To Choose a Dermatologist

how to choose a dermatologistNot as easy as you think... choosing a dermatologist that is.  In years past it was actually easier because your choice of a dermatologist was primarily driven by simple medical dermatology treatments and procedures needed.  Not that medical dermatology treatments are anything minor, in fact they influence your overall health and happiness the most... especially when it came to skin cancer, melanoma and moles.

Choosing a Dermatologist in Today's Technologically Advanced Society

But today your choice of a dermatologist is much more complex because there is now a myriad of cosmetic dermatology treatments available that require skill, precision and substantial investments in capital equipment.  Your "old school" neighborhood dermatologist that your family has been using forever just can't compete.  They don't have all the equipment, they aren't attending the numerous CME courses, conferences and associating themselves with the device manufacturers to learn how to expertly use this new equipment.

You most likely want to choose a dermatologist for both the cosmetic dermatology as well as the more traditional medical dermatology treatments.  This is why it is not as easy as going with who your grandma used to use.

So How Do You Choose a Dermatologist?

The very first thing to look for is board certification.  The more board certifications the better.  The first board certification that a potential dermatologist should have is from the American Board of Dermatology.

Here's a listing of a few important board's:

 After You Check Board Certification

The next step would be to look for areas of specialties after board certification.  For example, if you're looking for a dermatologist for your child you would look for other certifications and training in pediatric dermatology, etc...

If cosmetic dermatology is your thing you would look for a dermatologist with training from the major laser manufacturers like Solta Medical, Palomar Medical, etc...  or injection experience from dermal filler companies such as Allergan, Bioform, etc...   Some sort of certification and/or training from these companies combined with experience.

Finally, Look For Past Success - Before & After Photos

Any cosmetic dermatologist (most medical dermatologist's too) will have a portfolio of past patients that have allowed them to display their before and after photos from various treatments.  You want a dermatologist that has an extensive before and after gallery that demonstrates a long track record of experience delivering excellent results for the procedures/treatments you are interested in.